Jean-Charles Rey Journalist photographer

best photographers , talented artists stemming from the professional program, the journalism.

To postpone journalist , we united our differences for a just and relevant glance on sectors complex and demanding photography of event,photography of architecture, photography of communication, photojournalism , photography , photographer corporate ). We propose an excellent know-how in the service of a very demanding people.

photographers stemming from the same professional program,the journalism . To postpone journalist, we united our differences for a just and relevant glance on sectors complex and demanding (photography of event, photography of architecture , photography of communication , photojournalism , photography ,photographer corporate ). We propose an excellent know-how in the service of a very demanding clientele,
We Have a real creativity of answering all your waits, a capacity of proposition abstract exceptional, a complete control at your disposal to integrate and appropriate all visual projects.

We position clearly as a multidisciplinary photographic Studio capable of realizing any supports media of communications and works of any publishing.

Indeed far from the " loan has to carry(wear) " picture so normalized, standardized, today, our statutes integrate a human reality

Our job by professional photographer , a palette of skills

Professional photographer for 20 years for the popular press, I am capable of intervening in France and on the international stage in very different sectors, my work not excluded no style or photographic domain : culture, sport, economy, corporate communication or institutional .

I realize reports meaningful and of identity. Intuitive photos or the movement, the light, the sensibility allow to reveal until the improbable.

Wedding photographer

This rich and diversified route allows me to propose custom-made services to the future bridegrooms who wish it. Reports marriages totally adaptable to the desires of couples requiring what is made of better in domains.

Photos of the preparations , the photos of ceremonies , photos of your evenings .... Reports dynamic, elegant marriages, far from conventional wefts of composed photos

Begun Photographer France and international

Whether it is for your projects communication , of plaques, your reports annual or your advertising (Pangéa, Hilteck, Comex Nucléaire, The oréal), within the framework of illustration, my photos of report are committed and capable of valuing all your messages and support an always relevant image of your projects. My photography will be for the company and the communication a determining strategic tool. Listening, availability and ability to react are our maitre words.

Illustrative photography , architecture architecture, hotel business

Photograph infrastructures with public vocation or deprived, realize virtual visits, catalogs. A choice determining for a developing visual impact.

An approach and a sensibility estimated(appreciated) as well in the hotel business as by the biggest architects .Je propose photos of followed by construction site, by photos of landscape, by photos BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS
" The architecture is the learned, correct and magnificent game of the volumes under the light "
Corbusier Paris on 1923

Photograph report , current events , humanitarian worker.

The international reporting , the report with vocation editorial is a sector very specialized our profession. It is the discipline which requires a complete commitment, a vocation!

For 15 years I crossed continents thanks to the confidence renewed by agency (Gamma, Spooner etc.) and of publishers (Fleurus-PEMF, Bayard presses, US Blakbirsh ect) .My orientation was determinedly human, in the form of testimony, of portraits of girls and big stories of daily paper and exceptional.

A photographic work

Communication agency any realizations, photos, report

Real-estate development Any photography of realization and public construction or deprived

Landscape painter photo report of gardens, parks, space out green

Group - construction - industry - energy photos, reports and realization of your communication

Business and begun(undertaken) Warehouse, storage, distribution, casting, sales area, magazine, developing photos for your company.

Catalog PLV , poster, illustration, pack shots , Seminary , colloquium, meeting, ceremony, an evening, advertising , photography of report.

Birthdays, Anniversaries) of company événements - séminaires - colloques - convent ions-assemblées -conferences evenings -inaugurations- événements press-events of relations publiques -Packshot produced natures dead women-grip of digital and argentic view Recording color studio-edition and black and white chaine