Traveling books


My work in always required one total implication, a complete and whole dumping in cultures often very distant of ours.

I lived in various countries during years, crossed continents by roads, side streets or by routes not listed on maps.

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For 20 years I lived in various countries, intense, bright years, constant state of awakening and opening. In the meetings and the exchanges which resulted from it I shared these reports with the press international. My work in always committe and required an implication total.

Quickly " the humanitarian worker " urged me on different continents far from the listed routes, in the years lights of any nice and clean shop window, always with an obsession, to be with "them", to share the everyday daily paper of the professionals as populations saddened. Show, retranscribe with loyalty, to seize the fleeting moment which better than 1000 words will evoke this reality.

The photos of a photojournalist are improbable, an inexorable collection of nugget of emotion, the anti thesis of an aesthetic photography was restricted in the accurate.

The photography of report; so many escaped moments from here or moreover seized without distortions, nor illuminations.

This human adventure, in dimension of our so vast world, taxis fright, bus, truck, donkeys, camels and clodhoppers which carried me every day to go farther, on the meeting of a so generous and rich humanity, to discover one somewhere else well far from to us … Tuareg of the Saharan desert, Uros of the Andes Cordillera, people Mongh of the mountains of Asia, caste of untouchable Indian … My work and folios presented on my site present extracts of commands centred towards the childhood, the future of the humanity, present the peoples as being a part of each of us. So many faces, so many routes which cross themselves and overlap, so many fleeting moments from here or moreover proposed without distortions, nor illuminations. Every report is a journey, every journey is a report... None of them is similar! Constructed all around

It tries to participate on second thought, in responsibility of each and more simply in a certain shape of hope.

The imperative to testify brings a "documentary" style or " abstract " enriched by the variety and the creativity ceaselessly renewed. He not it in step of "official" art, definitive agreement, standard established... The echo of every individual find here a political, social echo among which each could be inspired.

Our profession is all over the world stricken, a crisis getting about everything media. Exceptional become supports proposing more that of simple illustration! But these movements of market, these fusion of agencies correspond regrettably in demand of the consumer, a competition aggravated by the globalization... Cheaper, more celebrity, production cost, reduced, a shareholding eager for profit...We Voila in a plan known which the universe of the photography could not escape!

Sometimes outside big subject

Travel stories are also an imaginary trip, the one that we follow through photos and words.

I fixed a fragment, a plot of land very limited by this so vast world.

The poverty conjugates with the kindness, the simplicity of the glances tells more that the speeches.

The luxury, the beggary, the illusion, the fatigue of the men...

To realize me reports, I shared the delicious everyday life of the human beings. I distributed presents, offered postcards, kites, discussed little, many, with words of several mixed languages, with hands also. I taught magic tricks, made jokes, played up scolded sometimes and then finally me kept silent.