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« The lovers forget the photographer, the photographer forgets that he takes the photography, and everybody is there, unhurt as in the first day.» Christian Bobin

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The media and the photojournalism evoke the globalization, the agitated economic and social world of information in any kinds, quite origins, to has very distant horizon.

We think of being " of estimating " our environment. The photojournalism is not a boring enumeration likened to photos purely descriptive, slices of life stuck on paper, ordered as simple given accounting and informative. My photographic approach stains to excite what we have of better in us, as a love relation with our world. My reports photograph do not compose with one Angelism maniac or an easy pessimism; the photographers journalist have to be able of deciphering the stakes, the relations give a complex of our societies, the photography in what she in of altruistic and extraordinary give us to understand and to like all the humanity with a visual vocabulary sensitive and opened in quite variety cultural.

The Berlin Wall , the fall of the USSR , the apartheid, fights to engender a certain shape of justice and peace reminding us that the opposite are paradoxically intimements connected.Appearances must be transcent with difference and caution.... The borders seemed abolished and nevertheless... I little practised the photography of current events, which seemed to me too often

Traced on the wars, covering the borders, naming the peoples in a almost definitive way, reducing our cultures to the pandemics, to the pollutions, to the devils of an economy virtual, immaterial!

My photos , modest testimony try rather to approach our cultures, to get the interest of a wide public, to fascinate it for discovery of our vast world, such of the travelers immovable, explorers in the trail of the big expeditions which again make me dream! And then the photography the photo report is an infinite field of perspectives, a possible in multiple and so vast roads!

Every photographer journalist , with her particular appropriate sensibility, his talents writes in his way one felt sometimes incandescent, devoid of political or mercantile exgrowth.

The photography is an extraordinary media of the immediate and of eternity, of the short-lived and the eternel... Each of us carries a role determining for an information plural and qualitative. There will be never enough photos , testimonies.

The free men that we tempt to stay again have to stay up has the acuteness of their glances, in the correctness of their reflections. Our lucidity is a guarantor for one photograph person in charge and committed.

Some hundredth of second, behind our camera we are a little how one blinds! We transpose in the situations, the characters whom we photograph with the intensity and the presence of the heart, with all our souls.