best wedding photography for exceptional people.

My discretion, sensitivity and passion for my work means creative photographs of those special moments in your life, be they set up or spontanious.

Every wedding is unique for bridal photographers.

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A couple's personality is expressed through their wedding . I'll take the time to get to know you, allowing me to produce images that surpass the simple snap-shot. Artistic wedding photography , Beyond the image, my work is to capture the emotion and energy to be found at that special moment.

I see the world through the eyes of a Journalist .

As aphotographic reporter , I have worked with the major international press agencies such as gamma spooner ca etc. My work has been published in major Journals, such as Geo (the French equivalent of National Geographic, Le Monde (a major French national newspaper), and my books are widely available.

For a contemporary portrait photographers , In-depth reporting provides the bed-rock of my professional activity, and allows me to offer you tried and tested skills, along with a critical eye for technical and artistic detail. I offer you the work of an artist who will capture those unique and priceless moments in your lives.

When I take a look at an event, it is to offer you more than simple pictures. Telling a story with intensity, your story, with a talent acknowledged by the international press (web site I work without pose, with a digital camera with private rights of use included in my services.

I offer you spontaneous pictures , candid wedding photography, full of heart in order to transcribe genuinely the emotion of this very special day.

My journalistic skills and my experience in the publishing field warrant my personal commitment for one of the most important moment of your life.

The different price propositions depend on the level of services. My coverage will meet your requirements as regards to your time, your budget and most of all, your wishes.

First offer includes (except fees)

- My work from your preparations to the near 1 PM .
- Delivery of all the pictures (between 500 and 1500 – optimized with Capture One and Photoshop) on a HD DVD support), copyright included to allow unlimited prints.
- A slide show DVD with sound
- Black and white transfer on request

Other possibilities for your bridal photographers

- Delivery of chosen pictures the evening of the day (package for 80 prints 13x18). This service is often related to the studio as thanks to the guests.
- Use of a complete studio (umbrella, light-box, background) for your guests during the party.

Should you need any further information, I remain at your disposal for any appointment on Skype.
Jean-Charles Rey

Photos of exceptions which look like you.

Discretion , sensibility and passion of the job conjugate for creative shots, visual and eternal syntheses of these expected or improbable, rare and intense moments of lives.

Every report is unique and different, it expresses the personality andthe originality .

To exceed the simple full of candid wedding photography , beyond the simple photo , our work is to get the emotion and the specific energy in every event.

Our glance is the one of Journalist photoreporter having collaborated with the most important news photo agencies National and international (GAMMA, Spooner, Contrasto Agenzia).My work is published by big titles off new's paper (GEOGRAPHY, Le Monde), Our books are still available in bookshops.

This experience of The international journalim, the base of our job, allows us to offer you skills tried, associated with an irreproachable technical requirement for a work artistic at the level of these precious and inestimable moments.

contemporary portrait photographers ,for best moments and best wedding pictures

Photographer-journalist our conception of photographer's job is atypical, rich in experiences and to know how to make. Current generation have a culture of the image without comparison with their relatives! Globalization, information, the picture is everywhere, our glances thus evolved and sharpened to all the recent techniques and to the various manners to approach thephoto report .Our interlocutors wait for the other thing, the atmosphere, the atmosphere, but especially the intensity, the emotion, the dynamism... A precious feelings which only hardened photographers can translate. These events are indeed évidement unique, the discretion of the photographer and the strict respect for your environment

Experience and artistic wedding photography

My work is still regularly published and feeds a variety vital in a constant creativity in sector often invested by a productivist and good "industry" far from an art democratized by the arrived of the digital technology.

To be able to subject real references press, prove editorial experiences construitent on long collaborations are guarantees absolved from strong and authentic professional realizations , from a personal commitment without defect.

We are in the human experience , the empathy and the division of a privileged intimacy.Beyond the technical aspect for which a photographer will have taken time a training leading to a qualification, the route of that this lights its orientations and its sensibility!

A photo journalist is determinedly turned to the world by seizing his wealth and his variety. A photographer is able to make you share images the professionalism of which is in its highest excellent degree

A privileged relation, a result of exception.

She becomes established in a essential and determining way. It is one of aspects the "least commercial" of this domain... Links become established and allow the division, leaving the place with " the love ", with the pleasure, transcending the borders of simple fixed the price services .We are in the realization and the retranscription of your history, our human "adventure". Of a photo report which will cross the time, the generations, to enter the heritage of your family!