Committed photographers

Best portrait photographers spread broadcasted by Jean-Charles Rey is recognized in our small world of the journalism as having a relevant and sensitive vision of the information and the communication endowed with a perception and with a very fine analysis of the events of this world. The majority of these professionals live in the anonymity of our media, hidden behind the bear of our magazines of glazed, good paper away from projectors and interviews, just man silent witnesses of our .a companies see the world of the sky and the others among the people.

It is one of numerous foundation and way of functioning of our photographic agency. This choice established according to your photographic orientations, to the type of best wedding pictures for which you expect and from the leg report which you estimate. We shall be in your quoted of the beginning of this relation, proposing you return one you with the photographer most in adequacy with candid wedding photography which you will have held.

Produce one you to measure

Return it is indispensable to you in the perfect knowledge of your waits, we can meet within the agency or in your place of residence. We adapt our selves completely to your available funds thanks to a big flexibility of functioning.

On the occasion of our meeting, we shall establish exactly the details of the day of your marriage, we shall also be capable of proposing you the assistance of our partners.

Further to our meeting your reporter and contemporary portrait photographers will stay wait of the validation there

Further to our meeting your reporter and bridal photographers will stay wait of the validation of your contract of report marriage accompanied with your deposit of 30 % of the total amount of your invoice there to validate definitively our commitments.

Would have I the numeric digital negatives in high definition

Although we entered the era of the digital technology since a few years, this possibility is not necessarily joined into the services of the reports marriage practised by numerous professionals of this segment.

Indeed, a lot of them choose to propose you price lists rates of low weak call appeal with options à la carte which in the end will determine the real price list rate of a very complex service performance

We did not choose this orientation. We propose you a report complete marriage, a knowledge of which the support in summer revolutionized by 2 decades of evolutions technological. The digital size allows a photographic and IT treatment, a treatment and an optimization which we integrate automatically into our reports.

Your artistic amazing wedding photographer asks for neighborhood 40 working hours "postproduction" which our team will treat thanks to the technologies and to the most successful tools.

Which commitment for your wedding reports

For the Photography of report, or, for the more technical photography Jean-Charles Rey commits all their average human beings and a successful professional equipment. Be key points.

Digital post-treatmenta wedding picture -abstract photography

The digital chaine is completely maitrisée by our care.

All our customers (professionals and not professionals) have a digital high-end treatment, a colorimetric and densitometric grading are optimized on one

Screens specially dedicated to a real graphic production (tested calibrated and checked thanks to our printers).

According to your request we can adapt the "style" of the treatment applied to each of your photo reports (vintage, black and white, contrast etc.)for your Top beautiful wedding photography

Execution of the photo report

It's better to warn your dinner guests that a professional will be present in the marriage and will may photograph them.

To work optimally and not interfere in the good progress of your marriage, he is recommended during "official" moments, that the dinner guests take advantage simply and completely of your marriage. Indeed, the guests fascinated by photos can hinder the location and the application of the professional whom you commissioned.

What the commitment?

The session of commitment is a session of recording which takes place before or after your marriage.

Before the marriage, he can involve a first informal and relaxed meeting, this time is dedicated to you, we shall take him so that you please; the place, the activity or the leisure which you will choose will just be the frame of your happiness, they will allow me to tell your history, your personalities

After the marriage, it is possible to us to play on the gap, to re-thread dress and suit for unusual, classic photos or funny but always creative!

This type of photos is visible on my site in the following column : Engagements

Many of our couples also look for a festive approach, the studio including the lightings (limps in light and umbrella as well as a neutral bottom) in front of whom all your dinner guests can be photographed (certain examples are available) :

Have can completely imagine "to accessorize" (different bottom, retro or vintage object for the dinner guests)

The wedding books which I propose best wedding pictures are the case off the top, that is why I selected the best! They are the world leaders on this segment and propose completely customizable products.

- classic cover leather full flower, customizable Italian leather (embossing with the text of your choice)
- More modern cover in Plexiglas, brushed aluminum
- The pages of your book can be on all the types of paper (grammage, matt, brilliant, pearl, contrived, flattened)
- photos are integrated, maquettées by my care according to your choices and your tastes
- sizes variable books of 20*30 in 40*50

It is thus a question good excellent "product" which wants totally adapted to your requirements!

A best wedding photography are between 8 and 12 o'clock of presence by your side... We can call it a performance.

We work with the professional material, only capable of restoring photos of professional quality.

Between 30 and 40 additional working hours are still necessary to finalize the treatment of several hundreds of photos, the presentation of your report marriage also requires all our attention (screenprinting, editions, albums, internet gallery).

Naturally we declare our activity and pay social security contributions to the various collection bodies.

Add to it investments of several thousands of uros in the material and the professional structures.... How in any business sector, a high price is not forcing absolute one guaranteed but a short prize daisies exposes you undoubtedly to very serious disappointments!

budget wedding photography for more seriousness, insure you that your photographer

To consult you a doctor, a plumber, a dentist, who in fact would have learned on the job... A case Pro costs least 4000 €, a complete panel of optics does not negotiate below 3000 €, add some computing and Licenses that go with it!... The note rises very fast to obtain a real seal of quality!

But all this is naturally perceptible in our work, and it is it the main part, our reports marriages distance themselves thanks to the points which we have just evoked... But not only! Our routes and our experiences are atypical and punctuated with prestigious publications, with varied reports, humanely very rich, with a maturity professional whom our customers recognize in a unanimous way.

Our report beginning dices the preparations marriage, our meals are at your expense. We insist on being by your side during to dine. Indeed, it is a privileged moment when numerous interventions are planned during the meal, the slide show, the speech and... Not be near immediate led automatically to expose itself to " white photographs "...

And then no such thing to be in the hollow of the party!

What typifies of photos during the cocktail?

We bring a particular attention on the atmosphere, on the efforts of decoration which you will have implemented, the cocktail is a convenient moment to seize discreet and spontaneous portraits of your family and your close relations. It is also the moment of more conventional photos... These photos which your close relations will not miss to ask you!

The delivery of photo report

We propose a report complete marriage with a perfect and professional depiction.

Many persons receiving benefits photographers deliver an album / book, a certain quantity of photos, sometimes enlargements. You will receive your report on a DVD support with jacket and adapted packaging. The totality of photos are so duplicated and optimized. How to imagine to operate a selection on your place!?!

Our first job, the report imposes us to let you choose what adorned you the most relevant to tell your history. Indeed, to work with agents, icônos or rédacs heads imposes us to leave them free field for the choice, what we call the editing. A practice which we integrate into our services to obtain a satisfaction of our bridegrooms but also their dinner guests who can download photograph them.

Our work will be delivered to you by parcel followed for the maximum deadline

Right in the image

The bridegrooms will inform the photographer about the possible impossibility to photograph certain guests.

Photos delivered by our care are " free of right ", what excluded any commercial use. Photos can be used by studios Rey to promote their knowledge, except refusal of the concerned persons.