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Our agency groups together(includes) among the best photojournalists of international marriage.

Their members share a modern sensibility and a spirit "documentary" calling a big photographic spontaneity

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Photographers report marriage

Our experiment in the popular press is estimated by wide public one for several years.

Our agency groups includes among the"> best photojournalists of international marriage . Their members share a modern sensibility and a spirit "documentary" calling a big photographic spontaneity

Our approach is enriched by working years beside actor editorials recognized and spread on all the continents.

Our social commitment with humanitarian body counts numerous collaborations on the ground of the global information of the big problems.

We offer you an exceptional photography fed by a permanent creativity regenerated by the other domains of the photoreport.

We laud a natural , spontaneous approach for an intense event of emotion. The term photojournalism , borrowed from a practice different from the illustrious job aptly the photographic style which we propose.... The wedding photographer is capable of getting aptly all these moments, these tiny fleeting temporal fractions, these improbable photos loaded with feelings and memories.

Our"> photographers marriage possess a real journalistic experiment! A knowledge and a perfect technical control, their adaptability and their discretion were tried during numerous international reports. Our photographers journalists justify careers in circles ultra selection!It to Little elected representative for a number of photographers in constant increase!

In court of the ceremony or the reception our wedding photographers are discreet witnesses, never interfering in the progress of this exceptional day. Constantly adapt, anticipate every moment, to retranscribe your laughter, your tears, the quintessence and all the intensity of your love, your happiness.

In a just measure the photographic style can be more "put"("rested","posed","settled","arisen") for a traditional .Une session photographic pose dedicated to the more conventional memories.

Your guests take time for some poses in your esteemed.These photos seize in a more formal way a particular slice of your marriage, marriages are often major, demanded, almost required by a good part of

Performance of a photojournalist " of marriage "

A lot of advantage that simple photos

Photos of exception in your image, reports marriage which look like you! Sensibility , discretion , passion of the job for unchanging shots, beyond a simple full of imagery restoration.

Our photographic agency brings you the guarantee absolved from realizations top of the range by professionals outcome of the qualifications and the most selective experiences .

Every photographer marriage is invested with a personal commitment without defect. Your photo report possesses at once the delicacy and one truth forces of emotional and visual story our experience of the photojournalism express with dynamism and intensity.

Our reports marriage really tell a story, your history.

We distance ourselves from a business sector in full transfer. Ourwedding photography revisits a kind which our future bridegrooms can henceforth require. Our bridegrooms wait well for the other thing, an atmosphere, an atmosphere, the intensity and the emotion in the rough, a vast precious palette which only very experimented photographers can translate.

A photojournalism which we practise thanks to reference experiences with the best (Gamma, spooner, Hachette ect). I Exit, ended photos " in the product ", portraits in rows of onion... We propose you a creative and modern vision built on the other influences much more natural than we could name"wedding journalism" . We are in the discretion, the strict respect for our environment

Our reports for the press, the magazines, get as a committed and discreet work, what we find in a majority of situations with our bridegrooms! Your marriage is naturally an event elaborated for a long time witnesses and actors of which we are at the same time. Your confidence is comparable at this precious and unique moment, in a way very similar to the fact that wait agency and magazine the failure is unthinkable, the unforeseen, the surprise and the enthusiasm totally in our genes!

We shall get what fills us, the " emotional subject " of your story, what represents you exactly, in the most sensitive, to give memory at these so fleeting moments...

Wedding photojournalism

A more natural, more spontaneous approach for this event rich in emotion. The word photojournalism , borrowed from another practice of the illustrious job clearly the type of photography than has him can expect from author for photographer .... The wedding photographer must be capable of seizing with intensity all these moments, these fleeting moments, these photos sometimes improbable and loaded with emotion.

A wedding photojournalist sometimes possesses a real journalistic experience! What implies(involves) well a knowledge and a recognition of these capacities of empathy, adaptability and discretion. A photographer journalist

In an environment very selection! Little elected representative for a number of photographers in constant increase.

During the ceremony or the reception your wedding photographer has to be a discreet witness(baton), not interfere in the progress of this exceptional day. Anticipate constantly, adapt itself all the time, to get your laughter, your tears, the gasoline(essence), the quintessence of your happiness.

To a certain extent the "kind" of photography can be also put for a more traditional "session" where your dinner guests take time for some photos by your side. They immortalize in a more formal way your marriage but often appear as inescapable.

The first proposed formula,

- My work of the woork' has 3/4 the hour in the morning
- 50 editions (on paper royal kodak),
- Discount(delivery) of the set (between 500 and 1500) shots (optimized with capture one and Photoshop) on DVD support in high definition (copyright included for at will editions),
- A DVD slide show with assembly(editing) sound.
- Transfer black and at will white on inquiry.
- Half a day out of context the day of your choice.

Other propositions add elements as,

- Mobile studio (2 Flashes studio +BOX light and umbrella + bottom) put at the disposal for the bridegrooms and all guests
- album high-end marriage (guaranteed for life) totally adaptable to your demand(request) (size(format), type of paper, cover any material, on estimate.