Poetry, humor, talents for reports in your image... A professional agency totally dedicated to your waits(expectations). Images of exceptions.

A partner in your image, a unique(only) expertise to unite our talents.

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Poetry, humor, talents for reports in your image... A professional agency totally dedicated to your waits(expectations). Images of exceptions.

Studio Rey-The Agency : A partner in your image

20 years when hiscreator crosses goes through our world and restores by the prism of the media a universe in full transfer transformation.

Photographer journalist during quite these years, Jean-Charles Rey in worked for the agency Gamma which in spread(broadcasted) its international work.

Our conception of the photo report is directly inspired by its experiences(experiments) and guarantee services(performances) irreproachable, a commitment without defect and a creativity ceaselessly! Our maitre word " to surprise you ", you bring a real glance of author, a sensibility.

Our fields of application are directed to the professionals of the communication and the image as well as to the wide public so benefiting from level of service, performance in the most demanding standards.

Our partners (COMEX, SUN VALLEY, L'ORÉAL ect) estimated(appreciated) our listening, our analyses and an original relevance for results(profits) innovator and creative.

We are capable, as photographer Corporate, to produce photo reports for your annual reports. Internal or public publications are in the various portfolios of this web site. Big companies(societies) confided(entrusted) us their projects, do not hesitate any more, send you to creative and competent professionals, corporates photographers by whom know how to him(it) make is enriched by 20 years of photographic experiment.


The current companies renew their identity picture and communicates with their customers and various partners.

We are in capacity to realize the reports and the complete computer graphics.

Photography and illustration

A knowledge internationally recognized, equipments very high-end, exceptional creative performances.

Our photographers corporate and industrial are totally familiarized with these various sectors. Knowing how to perfectly value your image, appropriating your project to bring him(her) all the visual and marketing power which he(it) deserves.

Your photographic moment

Our photographers all have the qualifications, the trainings(formations), adapted to the photojournalism, and naturally, the experience(experiment). Besides these skills indispensable, human and relational qualities.

Our conception of the report is inspired by our journalistic job(business), testify with authenticity, beauty and poetry.

Our wedding photography claims clearly a journalistic approach, a base of our trainings(formations) and our careers.

Our photos are not put but spontaneous and natural. A practice borrowed(taken) from the press where we have to anticipate and look for constantly the best angles as well as the most relevant and committed approach.

Sensibility, emotion, empathy, adjectives which have to possess one truth meaning, far beyond the words and of possible one approach marketing.

Photos and meetings become entangled in a inseparable way! The photo report is the return(restoration) of an exchange. Our reports are for a long time, committed(hired) and maintained by a serene, patient approach, a vision of hope, happiness and intensity.

Our photos of report stain to get the fleetingness, the improbable, to retranscribe the short-lived nectar of these moments, in the years light of a " accurate and impersonal aestheticism ". My glance approaches a "collection"("quest"), fixing thousands of moments constituent of time(weather), of a totally intuitive and moved vie. une perception(collection) which compose a real work of author.

Photos of seminaries(seminars)

You wish an excellent image of your company(society), you look for a photographer for your seminary(seminar). Our realizations of photo report are for your image. We are for your listening for this mission. Our photos will know how to get the event to translate him(it) on all the supports(media) of your choice.

Mobile immediate photographic studio and editions.

We are by your side also for your evenings to make a real photo report, we set up on-site a complete photo studio understanding(including) professional lighting and bottom of your choice (logo company(society) or tint chosen).

We possess all the chaine of graphic production to produce in situ of the photographic editions in the highest standards.

These reports can be also joined into a Web downloadable internet gallery with an access reassured(secured) for your guests.